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Orthodontics in Darwen

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Top-quality orthodontics products

If you want to choose the colour of your mouth guard, we can make it happen. Our team offers a full range of orthodontic appliances that are manufactured by our specialist orthodontic department. From palatal arches to mouth guards, we offer quality products.

Our dental products include

  • Fixed appliances such as Twistflex, Lingual and Palatal arches
  • Functional appliances such as
  • Michigan/Tanner and Twin blocks
  • Removable appliances such as Hawley retainers
  • Vacuum formed products such as Trutain/Essix, Bruxism splints, gumshields and mouth guards (a range of colours in standard or heavy duty)
  • We also offer anti-snoring devices including

  • Herbst appliances
  • MRA appliances
  • Silensor snoring appliances
  • Need help with your snoring? Call Design and Smile Ltd on
    01254 702 505 or 07800 935 267
    for excellent anti-snoring and dental devices.